About Us

We provide needed Green space by

 Green Roof Modules

Made from Recycable Plastic 

A lightweight and unique configuration increase the portability of the Green Roof Modules, that make it easy to assembling, placement and disassembling the system. Ergonomic design of the Green Roof Modules is provided the installation in various roof configurations and types.

Terrace Deck

Art&Eco Urbanism

Terraces, balconies, pool areas, walkways and boat docks benefit from four types of Terrace Deck:  a smooth, solid tone and comes in a finely brushed finish of Basalt or Sand with a serrated bottom. Our Terrace Deck is a natural-looking, grainy finish that comes in Amber, Basalt, Sand, or Redwood, retaining its coarse, grainy surface. 

Adjustable supports

With Built-in Slope Angle Corrector 

This elements used to adjust the  Green Roof slope, raise covering to the desired height  and construction of communications, network hose for watering, and also provides quick and easy access to staff to monitoring the status of the waterproofing layer or repair.

Evergreen Plants

Wider Range of Plant Species

The Plants are selected according to the specific geographic zone and climate characteristics and Green Roof type such as extensive,  semi-intensive and intensive Roofs. It is important in selecting, that Plants affect on the Roof’s performance and its tolerance to drought, wind, light, shade and pollutants. Additionally, other grasses, herbs and mosses can be joined.